Embedded Systems Development and Consulting

Embedded hardware and firmware design from concept to production, in real-time, on schedule and on budget!

VTrack Systems provides custom electronic design services across a wide range of technologies including both hardware and embedded software development. We can come in and develop a new system or evaluate your existing design for problem resolution or next generation design.

System Testing and Problem Resolution

We can quickly take an outside view of the system and quickly provide a minimal cost/impact solution to the problem that meets your timeframe.

Customizable Products

VTrack Systems has developed:

  • GPS tracking and sensor monitoring platform, which can be used as-is or modified for specific requirements
  • Customizable low-cost graphic display board for systems integration. For a simple product this requires only the CPU with internal memory and the LCD. For a 2.8" graphic display, the total cost would be under $20 in volume
  • UHF Gen2 RFID Sensor tag for monitoring temperature and vibration of package shipments